Ronica Kirwin, Founder

Ronica Kirwin founded Moxie Med Spa in 2006. She is well versed in a large variety of esthetic services, including a specialty focus on injections. 

With over 20 years in the industry, Ronica has grown not only in the services provided at Moxie, she has accomplished educational facets including receiving a Masters Degree in Holistic Health, and a PhD and Doctorate in Natural and Integrative Medicine, too.

Ronica is a Colorado Native, married to her childhood sweetheart and they have two children.  You can find her spending time with her family; making memories traveling, playing games, exploring Colorado, and participating in a wide variety of activities, including a sketch comedy group!

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty to me means feeling confident in your skin, and emitting that energy outwards. A smile can be the most beautiful asset a person has. When it’s a genuine smile, it enhances the rest of your face and lights up and radiates throughout your body.

What does Colorado mean to you?

Colorado is my home. I was born and raised here. I married my childhood sweetheart and we live exploring all that Colorado has to offer with our two kids. Colorado is such a beautiful place, and we are still finding new adventures to take.

What is a fun fact about you?

A fun fact about me is: I have ERS, exceptionally rapid speech also known as Tachylalia, which means I can talk about theee times faster without error that a normal person. I can also read incredibly fast and comprehending the content. I can read a 200 page book in about 90 minutes.