Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation by Clareon IPL or Intense Pulsed Light 


IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is a laser modality that will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and younger-looking! Concentrated light and thermal energy work in tandem to selectively destroy unwanted pigmented spots, lessen vascular activity including Rosacea and telangiectasia, aid in anti-aging and scar revision through the induction of collagen and elastin, remove pigmented hairs and kill active acne lesions. Micro-crusting and darkening of pigment will occur on the tissue 2-4 days after treatment and will naturally slough off. You will notice a brightening of your complexion and increased smoothness after completing a series of 3-5 sessions, however benefits can be noticed after your first treatment.

Before your treatment, you will need to avoid sun exposure in the area to be treated for at least 2 weeks prior. Use gentle skincare products and avoid aggressive exfoliation. Notify your Aesthetician of any photo-sensitizing medications or antibiotics you have taken recently. Discontinue the use of retinols, acne products and acids for 2 weeks beforehand. Fillers/neurotoxins may be received after treatment, but IPL cannot be given within two weeks of injections.

During the treatment, your Laser Technician will program the machine to a safe level for your skin type and perform several test patches to find the setting that is most comfortable for you whilst achieving the ideal outcome. Upon completion SPF will be applied, and we will answer any remaining questions you may have.

What does IPL feel like? Since IPL penetrates the skin down to the dermal, or secondary foundation layer of our skin, a quick snap of heat can be felt that dissipates after a few seconds. A slight windburn feeling lingering post treatment is normal, ice packs may be used for discomfort. A pinkish or soft red color to the skin post IPL is to be expected and will dwindle in a few hours.

After an IPL session, it is crucial to be mindful about sun exposure for at minimum 2.5 weeks after treatment. SPF must be applied any time you are to be in the sun for longer than a few minutes. We recommend SPF 50 applied every 2 hours. Micro-crusting that has a coffee ground-like appearance may surface, please let the pigmentation shed naturally and do not pick, scratch, or encourage faster sloughing. Use gentle skincare products until advised by your Aesthetician.

For results leaving you feeling fresh and luminescent, completing your series of 3-5 sessions, booked 4-5 weeks apart is recommended.  We will see you soon for a brighter, wrinkle-free and smoother complexion! An initial consultation is suggested before a full service.

IPL Laser –  Individual Pricing

Hands                   Face

$149/session        $249/session

1/2 Arm                 Full Arm

$249/session      $499/session

Chest                    Full Back

$299/session        $499/session



IPL Laser –  Packages Pricing

3 Sessions for Face


6 Sessions for Face


Photo-Facial Packages Pricing

Bright Package


3 IPL Sessions

1 Dermaplane Session

1 Truth Chemical Peel

20% off neurotoxin/filler

Glow Package


5 IPL Sessions

2 Dermaplane Session

1 Truth Chemical Peel

30% off neurotoxin/filler

Deposit may be required at time of booking to reserve your time. 

Deposit will be applied to your services. Deposit is non-refundable if canceled less than 24 hours prior to appointment.


Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation by HydroSpa


Say hello hydration, relaxation, exfoliation, serum-infusion, redness-reduction and skin-rejuvenation, all in one treatment! Welcome to our HydroSpa Facial System, your one stop shop to feel refreshed and quenched. The Hydro Spa has multiple handpiece attachments that your Aesthetician will customize along with hand-picked serums to suit your skin type, giving you a tailored facial experience. From hydrodermabrasion to exfoliate and infuse, a cold hammer to ease irritation and redness, an air brush infusion pen to revitalize, a radio-frequency multipolar tip for collagen and elastin renewal, and an ultrasonic handpiece for increased circulation and product penetration, a Hydro Spa Facial is a unique way to address any skin concerns you may have while also feeling utterly tranquil.



As Aestheticians, we understand that different skin types have exceedingly different needs. A skin analysis will be performed during your treatment to help determine the best serums, selection of modalities and finishing products.

Hydro Spa treatments range from 15 minutes to 1 hour. We offer treatments for the face, neck & décolleté, check, shoulders and full back. Women and men both can enjoy the benefits of a session. Depending on skin concerns to be addressed, a Hydro Spa Facial may be performed as often as once per week, though we recommend a professional deep cleansing with exfoliation once per month at minimum.

Hydro Spa is designed to “clean and expose, extract and moisturizer, fuse and preserve” the skin on a cellular level

Hydro Spa has diverse treatments, tailored to your individual skin concerns

We use nourishing serums to remove dead skin, impurities, and leaving skin rejuvenated. Mild suction is used to removed clogged pores, excess oils, and dead skin. Finally, peptides and antioxidants are infused to protect and promote a youthful glow!

HydroSpa –  Individual Pricing




      $179 / session 

Face + Dermaplane

      $249 / session 


1/2 Back

      $179 / session


Full Back

      $279 / session


HydroSpa –  Packages Pricing


Includes: 2 cleaning solutions, 1 serum, & 1 modality of estheticians' choice

(30 minutes)

$179 / session 

$499 / 3 sessions

$849 / 5 sessions



Includes: 2 cleansing solutions, 1 serum, & 2 modalities of estheticians' choice

(45 minutes)

$249 / session

$749 / 3 sessions

$1,249 / 5 sessions​


Includes: 2 cleansing solutions, 2 serums, & 3 modalities of estheticians' choice

(60 minutes)

$289 / sessions

$894 / 3 sessions 

$1,449 / 5 sessions

Deposit may be required at time of booking to reserve your time. 

Deposit will be applied to your services. Deposit is non-refundable if canceled less than 24 hours prior to appointment.

Skin Rejuvenation With Jelly Masks

 Jelly masks are the perfect post procedure treatment that calm the skin while targeting its needs. Perfect for brightening, calming, nourishing, moisturizing, acne scarring, and much more!

Dead Sea 

 Ideal for Acne, Rosacea, Seborrhea, Psoriasis, Eczema, and Acne Scarring

Vitamin C

Ideal for Lifting, Firming, Free Radical Fighter, Anti-Aging


Ideal for Anti-Inflammatory, Ultra Hydrating and Moisturizing


 Ideal for Hyperpigmented Skin


 Ideal for Oily, Congested, Acne Prone Skin


Ideal for Super Antioxidant with Vitamin C​

 24 kt. Gold*

 Ideal For Puffiness and Dark Circles, Firms and Tightens

$34.99 / Mask

Deposit may be required at time of booking to reserve your time. 

Deposit will be applied to your services. Deposit is non-refundable if canceled less than 24 hours prior to appointment.

Skin Rejuvenation