Carli Fluegge


Certified Laser Technician

Howdy! My name is Carli and I adore esthetics! After many years of struggling with turbulent combo skin, and having no luck with drugstore products, I decided to jump-start my professional career by attending the Medical Esthetics and laser program at CIE. After all, my main philosophy is that we all deserve to feel absolutely beautiful in the skin we’re in! Each day that I can help a client feel warm ‘n’ fuzzy about their skin is a win in my book. In my treatment room you’ll be hearing lots of 80’s. (THE best age of music; feel free to sing-along with me!) In my free time I enjoy yoga, longboarding, drawing and I am an avid fan of BattleBots! Please come and see me for a genuine and professional, whilst lighthearted treatment. I look forwards to meeting you soon!

I am certified in laser, microderm, Dermaplaning, Microneedling, chemical peels, dad jokes and others.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty puts a little dance in our step. Beauty helps us dole out a little of our personal sunshine to everyone we meet. Beauty is what we appreciate in one another; inside as much as the outside! Beauty is our own way of expressing confidence in who we are.

What does Colorado mean to you?

Having been born and raised in our wonderful and diverse state, I would say Colorado means everything to me! Not only are my friends and family here, we also get to enjoy 300 days of sunshine with astounding views. Being a Coloradan means that I get to wake up each day and experience something new often in unexpected, inspiring and enchanting ways. We have magic in these mountains!

What is a fun fact about you?
I adore the 80's! The culture, the fashion, the media and most important of all; the music!! Everything was so bright and vivid. Most days you will find me boppin' along to one 80's tune or another. Legwarmers for the win!!